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Basic API functions

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import requests
from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth
from requests.exceptions import RequestException
class APIClient:
:param base_url: REST server url
:param username: REST API username
:param password_digest: hexdigest of sha256 hashed REST API password
def __init__(self, base_url, username, password_digest):
self.base_url = base_url
self.auth = HTTPBasicAuth(username, password_digest)
self.headers = {"Content-Type": "application/json",
"Accept-Language": "en_US"}
def request(self, method, endpoint, body=None):
url = self.base_url + endpoint
response = requests.request(method, url, auth=self.auth,
headers=self.headers, json=body)
return response.json()
def post_mission_queue(self, mission_id):
body = {"mission_id": mission_id}
return self.request("post", "/mission_queue", body=body)
def get_mission_queue(self):
return self.request("get", "/mission_queue")
def get_missions(self):
return self.request("get", "/missions")
def get_status(self):
return self.request("get", "/status")
def put_status(self, state_id):
body = {"state_id": state_id}
return self.request("put", "/status", body=body)
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