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## Learning Matlab
As with everything in life, there are good sides and bad sides in working with Matlab. Matlab might not be the best tool for what you need to do and it is important you realise this at the beginning of your learning path.
## Ongoing Matlab course
April 2019: the Matlab advanced 2019 course is currently ongoing. Slides and materials for the course are available at
Course structure:
1) Tue 9/April/2019 12:00-15:00 Y338: Data loading and dealing with large datasets
2) Thu 11/April/2019 12:00-15:00 Y338: Advanced programming techniques
3) Tue 16/April/2019 12:00-15:00 Y338: Parallelisation with triton and GPUs (lecture by Heikki Apiola and Juha Kuortti)
4) Thu 18/April/2019 12:00-15:00 Y338: Making high quality figures
Aalto students or Helsinki University students with JOO rights can obtain a 1 ECTS credit for the course (12 hours of contact session plus homework).
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