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Aalto University,the account is solely for
- External user can only see repositories which are set as public, repositories set as internal
cannot be viewed by an external account (apart from the internal repositories which the external
account has been granted an access)
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account has been granted an access)
- External account cannot create new repositories
- External account will be closed 12 months after the account has been used to access
## How to apply for an external account?
1. Go to and enter the e-mail address of the external user you want to invite to into the E-mail – field.
The message typed in to the Optional message – field will also be delivered to the invited user. To send the invitation, press the Send – button.
![externalUser-Send-Email-Form](/external user/1.PNG) <br>*Picture 1 Fill out the email address field and press Send - button*
2. The external user will receive an email informing that someone has requested an account for them on
![capture-of-email-item](/external user/Capture.PNG)*Picture 2 External user will receive an email with a link to the application*
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