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......@@ -2767,6 +2767,29 @@ The appraoch is based on the following:
groups = {Online learning},
author = {Hewing, Lukas and Wabersich, Kim P. and Menner, Marcel and Zeilinger, Melanie N.},
journal = {Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems},
title = {Learning-based model predictive control: {Toward} safe learning in control},
year = {2020},
number = {1},
pages = {269--296},
volume = {3},
abstract = {Recent successes in the field of machine learning, as well as the availability of increased sensing and computational capabilities in modern control systems, have led to a growing interest in learning and data-driven control techniques. Model predictive control (MPC), as the prime methodology for constrained control, offers a significant opportunity to exploit the abundance of data in a reliable manner, particularly while taking safety constraints into account. This review aims at summarizing and categorizing previous research on learning-based MPC, i.e., the integration or combination of MPC with learning methods, for which we consider three main categories. Most of the research addresses learning for automatic improvement of the prediction model from recorded data. There is, however, also an increasing interest in techniques to infer the parameterization of the MPC controller, i.e., the cost and constraints, that lead to the best closed-loop performance. Finally, we discuss concepts that leverage MPC to augment learning-based controllers with constraint satisfaction properties.},
doi = {10.1146/annurev-control-090419-075625},
groups = {Online learning},
author = {Nolan Wagener and Ching-An Cheng and Jacob Sacks and Byron Boots},
title = {An Online Learning Approach to Model Predictive Control},
year = {2019},
archiveprefix = {arXiv},
eprint = {1902.08967},
groups = {Online learning},
primaryclass = {cs.RO},
@Comment{jabref-meta: databaseType:bibtex;}
@Comment{jabref-meta: grouping:
......@@ -2819,7 +2842,7 @@ The appraoch is based on the following:
2 StaticGroup:OFDM\;0\;1\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;\;;
1 StaticGroup:Wireless networks\;0\;1\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;\;;
1 StaticGroup:Optimization\;0\;1\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;\;;
2 StaticGroup:Bandit convex optimization\;0\;1\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;\;;
2 StaticGroup:Bandit convex optimization\;0\;0\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;\;;
3 StaticGroup:Applications\;0\;1\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;\;;
2 StaticGroup:Online convex optimization\;0\;1\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;\;;
3 StaticGroup:OCO applications\;0\;0\;0x8a8a8aff\;\;\;;
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