Commit 04cc1629 authored by Tuija Sonkkila's avatar Tuija Sonkkila

Added few altmetrics

parent 5e8fe087
......@@ -5,9 +5,13 @@ library(tidyverse)
data <-"shiny_data.RDS"), stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
f_means <- readRDS("f_means.RDS")
metrics <- sort(c("times_cited", "times_cited_wos", "recent_citations", "relative_citation_ratio", "field_citation_ratio", "oa", "fieldcount", "authors"))
metrics <- sort(c("times_cited", "wos", "recent_citations", "relative_citation_ratio", "field_citation_ratio",
"oa", "fieldcount", "authors", "mendeley", "tweets", "altm_score"))
scales <- c("linear", "log")
schools <- c("Aalto University", sort(unique(data$parent)))
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