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......@@ -85,11 +85,12 @@ Big Data and Machine Learning Systems](slides/cs-e4660-lecture2-analytics-v0.3.p
- Key reading 5: [Jeff Smith. 2018. Machine Learning Systems: Designs that scale (1st. ed.). Manning Publications Co., USA.](
- Key reading 6: [Prediction-Serving Systems](
- Lecture 4
- Slides: [Machine Learning with Edge Systems](slides/)
- Slides: [Machine Learning with Edge-centric Systems](slides/cs-e4660-lecture4-edgeml-v0.3.pdf)
- Key reading 1: [Serving deep neural networks at the cloud edge for vision applications on mobile platforms](
- Key reading 2:[From the Edge to the Cloud: Model Serving in ML.NET](
- Key reading 3: [Machine Learning at Facebook:Understanding Inference at the Edge](
- Key reading 4: [Distributing Deep Neural Networks with Containerized Partitions at the Edge](
- Key reading 5: [A survey of federated learning for edge computing: Research problems and solutions](
*If you need the sources of slides for your teaching, pls. contact [Linh Truong](*
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