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# Instructions for data management and storage. Use this space to organize and store any datasets or data resources used in your project.
\ No newline at end of file If your data is large (>100GB), keep in mind you have several options for long-term data storage:
- Your Aalto network directory can store your immediate work (40GB quota), but is not recommended for scientific work.
- CEST project disk /m/phys/project3/cest/ is strongly recommended as primary general storage. This disk is backed up by PHYS IT, has reasonably large storage, and your user needs to be part of ‘cest’ user group to access it. The /m/ disk is only mounted on the Otakaari 1 Linux machines.
- Your own Linux machine /l/ disk is the local hard disk of the computer, meant to store temporary files. You can use it as temporary storage, but remember to move data to project disk (which is backed up).
- Triton and the CSC HPC platforms all allow some data storage for ongoing projects. Please back up regularly to project disk to avoid loosing data.
- CSC Allas service allows long-term storage of large data, and is available to any CSC user. Please consider placing very large datasets (>100GB) here, instead of the project disk, but remember to share access with the project manager.
- CSC IDA service allows long-term storage and publication of large data, and is available upon project request. It is similar to Allas, and suitable for storing very large data.
- Archiving data is recommended after your project has ended and all manuscripts have been published. To archive, please zip up all your project directories into one large tarball and copy it to the /m/phys/archive/cest disk space in the appropriate directory. Please archive: this way we can move data off the CEST project disk.
Before leaving Aalto, remember to add a README file here (with your name and date) with the details of any external data storage.
Please also comment on your directory structure and indicating approximately the directory contents.
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